Manufacturing of a mixing station for vegetable oils, supplying online multi-unit packaging for the food industry. The installation of a production capacity of 20 m3/hr achieves high accuracy of the mixture throughout the BATCH. The perfect stability of the pump flow for this application allows us to use for servo-system, volumetric meters to ensure the perfect combination of components to be injected. A flow control ensures total real-time full consistency of the mixture after homogenization in a mixer unit online.

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Mixing :

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Injection :

This online denaturing online station can inject up to eight different types of denaturants while having the possibility to adjust the TAV (Rate of alcohol content by volume) of the final mixture by controlling water injection. The percentage of injection can vary from 0.3 to 8% of the transfer lines up to 90 m3 / h. Atex zone installed, this equipment uses the power of a metrological complex set of sensors and data acquisition system to speed counting to ensure the calculation of titles and volumes of alcohol reduced to 20 °.

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ValiSub® (The subcritical water extraction) :

This development tool ValiSub® 200 extracts active ingredients from plant extracts. This unit of subcritical water extraction with a capacity of 200 cc can work up to 250 ° C under 725.5 PSI in flash mode and continuous. Used primarily in R&D it allows highlighting very good extraction yields with very short contact time.
Our experience in the engineering development of such processes allows us to imagine a design incorporating all the requirements relevant to the effectiveness of the extraction unit.