7  types of standard agitators
At the heart of mixing :
Modular solutions custom built :

Thanks to its know-how ValiFluid has built up a strong experience in sizingmixers and agitators in sectors as diverse as food processing, pharmacy, cosmetics, chemistry or water treatmentFrom homogenization to reaction, through suspension anddissolution, ValiFluid will meet your most demanding expectations todefine an agitator specially adapted to your process.

Characteristics :

Tank volume     : from 50 liters to 100 m3 for standard.
                           to 10 000 m3 for special application.
Using pressure : from 0 to 250 bars.
Temperatures   : to 350 °C.
Material            : Carbon steel, inox 304 / 316L, Uranus B6,
Coating             : HALAR®, Ebonite...
Sizing :

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